Protrim Building Systems;

Our development is totally focused on producing the most asethetic, versatile and practical range of tile trims from the fewest number of profiles, to help our users, installers and distributors alike.

Our innovative designs can be supplied in the widest range of colours and finishes to suit every home and style.

We use protective tape on every profile to ensure that our high quality finish is totally protected until the installation is finished, to the total delight of your clients.

Our state of the art factory has benefited from a multi-million € investement program, making our mannufacturing costs among the most competitive in the world, with no compromise on quality.

We can produce special profiles to order, in any shape or style, colour or finish, in any length to maximize the benefit to the project, and minimize waste and installation time.

We are constantly seeking perfection in our product portfolio and welcome any suggestions for product improvement from our clients.

As a result of our R&D studies, we continue to add aesthetic with our patented products to Quality, Cost and Solution triangle. We constantly strive to provide the perfect combination of high quality with competitive prices and maximum value for money.